Exclusive Bespoke Artistry Opulent Paper Art

This little journal has pockets aplenty!  It is made from very lovely paper envelopes.  I found these wonderful paper envelopes at a little boutique and I couldn’t resist turning them into a journal.  The envelopes make wonderful little pockets that are filled with coordinating papers - just perfect for writing your innermost thoughts and keeping them stylishly contained.  The color scheme is red and blue with a beautiful little blue striped ribbon to keep it all together.  The paper on the cover is a very soft hand with a natural grain that is very pleasing to the touch.  The inside envelopes are of the same type of paper but in red instead of blue.  The binding is a typical soft cover binding that is quite elegantly integrated and includes headbands for that touch of whimsy.


I love to work with folks and really design what it is they want to see in a finished product like this so please do contact me if you'd like to have some dialogue about this item.


I accept most commissions and I am able, with enough notice, to create most designs in larger numbers. I’m available for consultation and I can certainly help to add that unique and distinctive tone to your wedding, anniversary, really any special occasion at all.




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Exclusive Bespoke Artistry Opulent Paper Art
Exclusive Bespoke Artistry Opulent Paper Art
Opulent Paper Art
Exclusive Bespoke Artistry