Exclusive Bespoke Artistry Opulent Paper Art

These little heart journals are so much fun!  They have charm and elegance and oodles of potential.  One of my clients ordered one to fill with love notes and photos as a gift for her boyfriend.  She chose tones of green and tan.  You can see the blog post of that here.  I’ve posted lots of photos so that you can see just a few of the possibilities of these lovely little note pads.  They are filled with heavy weight paper and they are connected with a variety of media including raffia, jute, hemp, chain, ribbon.  Some of the pages have hand painted single-color flourishes and can be customized to your taste and style or theme.  I offer three different sizes of heart notepads - 2”, 4” and 5”.  They have approximately 70 blank pages to each pad.  Wouldn’t they be lovely in your wedding colors as gifts for each of your guests?  Remember - I offer sliding scale pricing as well as quantity discounts.


I love to work with folks and really design what it is they want to see in a finished product like this so please do contact me if you'd like to have some dialogue about this item.


I accept most commissions and I am able, with enough notice, to create most designs in larger numbers. I’m available for consultation and I can certainly help to add that unique and distinctive tone to your wedding, anniversary, really any special occasion at all.


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Exclusive Bespoke Artistry Opulent Paper Art
Exclusive Bespoke Artistry Opulent Paper Art
Opulent Paper Art
Exclusive Bespoke Artistry