Exclusive Bespoke Artistry Opulent Paper Art

A colorful butterfly graces the top of this very unique and stylish trinket box.  It measures 5” x 5” x 3” and is stained a deep walnut on the inside.  The outside is layered with paper, inks and iridescent paints.  The color scheme is purple and teal with hints of yellow and pink.  The butterfly sits atop the box for a dimensional effect and the hinges are antique brass.  The hasp is also antique brass and is of the jewelry box style. It’s a very unique piece and one that I’m very proud of.  The photos don’t really do this piece justice because you can’t see that on the top (besides the butterfly) there is also a secondary dimensional effect of the iridescent leaves.  They are beautifully integrated and add that touch of “completeness” to the overall feeling of the piece.


I love to work with folks and really design what it is they want to see in a finished product like this so please do contact me if you'd like to have some dialogue about this item.


I accept most commissions and I am able, with enough notice, to create most designs in larger numbers. I’m available for consultation and I can certainly help to add that unique and distinctive tone to your wedding, anniversary, really any special occasion at all.



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Exclusive Bespoke Artistry Opulent Paper Art
Exclusive Bespoke Artistry Opulent Paper Art
Opulent Paper Art
Exclusive Bespoke Artistry